La idea de esta página, es reflexionar juntos acerca de la vida de la Virgen María. Descubrir el mensaje profundo que se esconde tras los textos bíblicos y otros. Por eso te invito a participar activamente. El enriquecimiento será mutuo. El mundo necesita que los cristianos maduremos en nuestra fe. Así el Reino de Dios será una realidad concreta hoy y ahora.

lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

The heart of Mary, Mother of God

The heart of Mary, Mother of God
The face of the VirginPainting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Thought St. Vincent Pallotti

"My God!
I've created like you, that always works.
So, I am of a nature which always forces me to imitate you, well,
without ever admitting a real idleness. "

Reflecting on this thought of St. Vincent Pallotti, and the Virgin Mother of God, Our Mother, looking at his life and how little we know it, I feel that the words of St. Vincent are a true reflection of Mary's heart.

We know each other through the Gospels, the Virgin Mother of God, Mary had to face many times of trial and confusion. We also know that many times in his life, warned by God, had to drop everything and leave for uncertain courses.

We know that in these uncertain times, in the heart of Mary there was no hesitation. Rather, decision, act in accord with what God put in his heart to do. And made accordingly. Mary had a heart open to God, a reflective heart, a heart that was always ready. Mary knew how to listen to God and his heart always had full confidence in Him His certainty born of love that God worked in it.

Mary today we want to convey to all his children, because we are all her children, to be Jesus' brothers and sons and daughters of God, to trust God's grace.

She is our most perfect model. Mary never left room for leisure, as the saying that "the harms and annoys leisure and is the creator of all our evils." His days passed between household chores, helping her husband Joseph, breeding and care of Jesus, and his time devoted to God. In all his actions God was always first. He was always doing the will of God. And it always had a quiet time and introspection, meditation and contemplation. Prayer and listening. In the silence and privacy found its space to be with God. So Mary could do God's will, follow the marked trails.

Mary in her willing heart, in full confidence that the ways of God given to her, was his best way, and had acted according to them.

Mary did not have leisure. Despite the troubled times he lived to be the Mother of the Messiah and that it was always in danger as much as her son, Mary never lost sight of the importance of the meeting in intimacy with God. Amid the daily grind of having to go out at night running to keep Jesus safe from the clutches of Herod, was always the right time to be with God. And when there was silence, was in contemplation. He looked around every day and always look at that saw God doing. He always found the signals to move forward.

Mary teaches us that in the midst of tribulation, or the daily grind of our lives, we can also contemplate what surrounds us meet God. And do this in our hearts.


Let us pray to Mary in this difficult time and hostile, her heart will always be with us, and taught us to find at all times the Living Presence of God infinite love and grace be upon us all, to avoid idleness, build as inspiration in our hearts the Kingdom come true with us. That mediation before Christ leads us to live with the same intensity the intimate encounter with the love of God. Amen.

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