La idea de esta página, es reflexionar juntos acerca de la vida de la Virgen María. Descubrir el mensaje profundo que se esconde tras los textos bíblicos y otros. Por eso te invito a participar activamente. El enriquecimiento será mutuo. El mundo necesita que los cristianos maduremos en nuestra fe. Así el Reino de Dios será una realidad concreta hoy y ahora.

lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Prayer to Mary for the Church today

Virgin MaryYou are the Church
Oh, Holy Mother of God, that you carried in your womb the seed of salvation, grant to look at you, feel what your heart felt, the heartbeat of life that lit thy womb!

Mary, You are the Church, because in your womb, God was born.

You are the matrix by which life emerged.

Full of tenderness your soul, you call us to live in that Mystery God incarnate.

Oh, Blessed Virgin Mary Church to which your Son calls us, you gather in the placenta that God created within you to live her new life with the precious blood of Christ, He sealed!

You gave your trust and then Christ was born.
Today the Church calls us to live your fullest.
Heart of the Church, thy womb conceived.
Jesus, the incarnate word, for it gave us life.

Oh, Holy Mother of God, that you carried in your womb the seed of salvation, grant that by looking at you,
feel what your heart felt, the heartbeat of life that gave birth belly!

Mother of all men,
Teach us to love as your heart loved.
Without knowing you were the Church when Jesus anointed Peter, you're the one who calls us to live in it, because Christ is the life God gave us.

How then do not love, Church, Mother of God, if you're into it this coming together around the table that God offers us?

Church, human and divine, who was born of woman, God's divine seed implanted.
Today you call us, Holy Mother of God, to be partners with our lives, so that the Church in all of us shine with the divine light that came from your womb.

Led by the Holy Spirit, accepted your condition, if the daughter of Salvation Church which the world had been renewed in each month of gestation.

Today the Spirit calls the church to hear the beating of the heart that led by faith, love and trust was allowed to drive to the door open for more than unconditional love and recognize the love of God.

PRAYER TO MARY by the Church today
Mother of God, your Self as the Spirit in you breath, the Church today, which of you was born guided by the Spirit matrix becomes salvation. Driven by the changes God says is offered renewed and grow in its simplicity able to listen to God who claims to be the matrix from which is born again salvation, the Word made flesh that God gave you to us. Virgin Mary, Mother of God, meets today in your womb drivers from the mundane and divine church to be reborn with the Holy Spirit in the Light that is the one Shepherd, Jesus who died and rose again.

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