La idea de esta página, es reflexionar juntos acerca de la vida de la Virgen María. Descubrir el mensaje profundo que se esconde tras los textos bíblicos y otros. Por eso te invito a participar activamente. El enriquecimiento será mutuo. El mundo necesita que los cristianos maduremos en nuestra fe. Así el Reino de Dios será una realidad concreta hoy y ahora.

sábado, 2 de junio de 2012


The ImmaculatePainting by Ambrogio Lorenzetti


Trying to imagine and think about what would be the gaze of the Virgin Mary over the world today? I will his time to his story. I imagine feeling like we are today: confused, overwhelmed with grief that brings wrongful death, hunger, segregation, lack of understanding of the human being to another like him. I imagine also a profound hope, born of his confidence in God, in that although they knew God, lived daily.

¿Would look its historical time, that world which, although small in size for his age, so similar to today with the same eyes with which we look at our great world? Surely part of it would, but more significantly, that would stand up again and again to the events he saw, put it at a great distance from our actions today

When Mary heard the voice of prayer in the presence of the angel that she would conceive the Son of God, was also known that happiness at last come. The promise of God was beyond the conceivable, He would be in it and its people. Today we can say without a doubt, in the midst of all human beings and creation

I imagine Mary and had given birth to who was the Light of the World, looking with new eyes the world around her. And as time went and Jesus was proclaiming the Good News of God, that look was no longer waiting to become a voice saying: God has done wonders for his slave. And in that sentence from his lips: everything! All meaning fits into them. God present in the world and human beings, crucified and risen, was in his eyes, a fresh look. The look that says since then until today, until our present: God works wonders, with Him all things are possible.

Mary leads us to the heart not only let us pass by that immeasurable love of God, but to be transferred through the cross to which Christ gave life. Mary never stopped praying, but alone, I never do. Doing the Will of the Father and the Son, led by the Holy Spirit, made his will: he loved unconditionally.

This look of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God and Mother of All, I want to put my learning, I feel that just as there, the Holy Spirit renews me and pushes me to love despite the pain suffered. To understand that in every work of God is God and He-driven Life makes everything good possible.

What a feeling when everyone was afraid they had been abandoned by Jesus, she held them together until the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, brought a new beginning. And today is she again who gathers us around Christ, who as then pours out his Holy Spirit upon all and so all we can with him to learn to understand, speak the same language, to express the same movement that leads to the construction of that new heaven and earth that Jesus made by dying on the Cross.

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